Advantage of insects versus other animal protein

Insects can be a source of high-quality protein (i.e. source of essential amino acids), vitamins and minerals depending on the species, stage of development and diet. In comparison to some meat products they also have lower concentrations of cholesterol alongside a favourable Omega-3 / Omega-6-fatty acid ratio. Another advantage of insects is their production. Insects reproduce quickly, and they have high growth and feed conversion rates and a low environmental footprint over their entire life cycle.

10x less feed
compared to producing the same
amount of beef

100x less greenhouse gas
production than cows

100x less time
compared to producing the same
amount of beef

200x less land
in comparison to traditional livestock

2500x less water
compared to producing the same quality and quantity of beef

2x more Protein
in insects compared to beef

Insects to Feed the World. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed 1: 3-5
– Van Huis, A., Dicke, M. and Van Loon, J.J.A. (2015)